The journey so far...

Joanne Slagel is definitely young and certainly talented. She hails from the mighty shores of the North Shore in Auckland, New Zealand where she is currently based. A confident stage presenter, Jo sings and nightingales everywhere get jealous and find new jobs. She brings a polished acoustic performance and deftly picks and strums her way through songs ranging from toe-tapping to eye-misting. 

Joanne has been gigging for close to ten years and has performed at numerous weddings, restaurants, bars and functions. After an eleven year career as a music educator, she has only recently decided to take the plunge and pursue music as a full time occupation. While her musical career at present is focused on playing live around Auckland at various weddings, functions and events, Joanne also writes her own originals. She released her debut EP “Where’s the Time” in 2009 under her maiden name Joanne Chester. 

Along with her husband Marcus, Jo has just finished writing her third musical, all three of which are Christmas themed. The first two have been performed at City Impact Church before an audience of 3000-4000 people in 2013 and 2015. The third is yet to be released. 

As for most people, Jo’s future is still ahead of her, but if she were to make a thoughtful stab at guessing what it might hold, it could be a gloriously shining career as a musical entertainer. She might even be playing for someone exactly like you!

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